Beijing 2008 Olympics: Women's Handball Semifinals - Korea vs Norway

2008/08/21 20:47 / Other

이건 사기다!!!!

시간이 30:00을 때렸을때 볼은 분명히 골 라인 바깥에 있었는데!!!

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그러나 우리는 진실을 압니다... 언젠간 밝혀지리..

결국엔 결정전에서 동메달 따 냈네요..아흑 정말 눈물나는 게임이었던..ㅡㅜ

장하다 한국 여자들이여!!
This is an outrage!!!

The ball was clearly outside the line when the time hit 30:00!!! T_T

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But we know the truth.. and someday the truth will be revealed..



  • Elisabeth 2008/08/22 08:16

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    Umpires as well as athletes should keep the olympic fair spirit.
    What makes that umpire betray that spirit and remain unjust ?
    • Kimatg 2008/08/22 10:19


      Yeah, that's the thing I'm so angry about... They didn't even want to take a look at the video replay...

      I mean come on! this is a once-in-4-years international event... and the umpire just let it be just cause maybe he was tired or something? It's not my idea of "fair" for sure. -_-;;
  • goodinformation 2010/10/25 19:53

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    It is good information! thankszz