OMGWTFBBQ My HDD Is Full Already

2008/04/10 18:06

아아악 내 400기가짜리 하드가 벌써 꽉 찼다.

  그리고… 그중 1/4가 애니..후덜덜

아아악 이번엔 또 뭘 지워야되나. OTL

..그래서 결국 오랜만에 포스팅한다는게 고작 이딴것? ㄷㄷㄷ
그래도 2개국어라는.. <-퍽

AAAAH my 400GB HDD is full already.

  and…almost 1/4 of that is filled with anime.. zomg

*sigh* now what do I have to delete again… OTL after a short break of no-posts this kind of crap is what you get?? =_+;XP
But still it’s in 2 languages, so that’s win 😀