2007/09/15 01:09

Ah already 2 weeks have passed since I started going to school “normally”…
well, I guess it’s really tough. Suddenly having to wake up at 5:40AM, come home at 11:40PM and go to sleep at roughly midnight everyday.. sure, it’s tough.
Of course there are “academic troubles,” like um… math(!) and other subjects I haven’t taken for a long time because I didn’t go to a Korean school for 7 years.
If I think about that, it’s kind of amazing I survived at least till now.. 😛
But after all, the biggest problem is.. guess what? Sleep. (aka zzz)

I’m so sleepy now. *yawn*

I guess I’ll go to sleep then. *yawn*

Oh and by the way, does my website look all right? 😛
..just to make sure *everyone* can see my site “the way it was meant to be”..hehe

Oh and yes, whover comes to my site,
Leave some comments!!!
..or write in the guestbook. 🙂