Fortune Arterial Erika route cleared! And…

2008/06/01 23:56

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↑ 이 BGM이제 머리에 쳐박힌…;;

…오늘 드디어 포츈 아테리얼 에리카 루트 엔딩봤습니다. 아아 역시 전 아무래도 에리카같은 캐릭터가 제일 맘에 드는듯☆

뭐 난생 처음해본 미연시라 스토리상, 퀄리티 상 잘만든 게임인지 아닌지는 평가하기 좀 그렇습니다만… 소감은? 후훗 이거 꽤나 재미있군요.

애니화!  꼭 기대하겠습니다! 흐흐흐흐흐 <-어이…;;


으으아아아아아 갖고싶다 66000원!!!! ㅜㅠ
하지만 역시 총알의 압박과 사더라도 주위의 시선이 두려운… orz

…누구 사주실분? -,.-;;



에리카 만세~☆★

PS: 네 결국엔 언젠간 이렇게 될줄 알았습니다만.. (으응?) “Anime” 카테고리를 더 광대한 “Otaku”로 바꿨습니다 ‘ㅅ’ b

↑ This BGM is now stuck in my head. O_o


…yeah so I finally saw the Erika route ending in Fortune Arterial. After all, i guess I like characters like her the most XD

Well since it was my first visual novel ever played, can’t tell if the story/quality and all that was great or not.. but, well I think it was pretty fun! 😛

Anime Adaptation!!!! yess please do!!! hehehehe =_=;;

And now, the one thing that started to bug me recently…

but still money is my enemy and how everyone(=parents. :P) might think of me iz teh problem… orz

…Anyone want to buy it for me?? XD



Yay for Erika!☆★

PS: Yeah yea, I knew one day I was going to have to change it but, so finally, the “Anime” category has been renamed into… “Otaku” with a more broader meaning. 😛