Toradora! TV airing finally start!!

2008/10/02 14:31
10월작중 제일 기대하던 토라도라!가 드디어 방영개시했습니다.


음, 일단 작화는 처음에 공개된 컷 봤을땐 좀 충격이었지만 보다보면 익숙해질 듯 합니다. 괜찮더군요. 단지 퀄리티가 앞으로도 계속 이대로 유지만 된다면야…

제가 본 애니메이션중 처음으로 원작을 읽고 보는 거라, 느낌이 새롭네요. 제 기억으로는 꽤나 원작에 충실하게 나가는 듯 합니다. (아직까지는) 1권 내용의 반 정도 되겠군요.

기타 1화 잡담

– 1쿨이려나요, 2쿨이려나요? 1쿨이면 너무 아쉬울듯..
– 흐걱 키타무라… 너무 눈 크게 그린거 아닌가요? 너무 어려보여.-ㅅ-;;
– 미노링..목소리 왠지 뭐랄까 좀..
– 쿠기밍 타이가 목소리는 이번화만 콧물땜에 그런거겟죠? ㅍ
– 어김없는 쿠기밍 트레이드마크 “시끄러 시끄러” 팬서비스 😛
– OP가 듣고싶네요. ED는 적절.
– 류지 방 넖기만 해보이는 군요. ㅋ

암튼, 앞으로도 기대해보겠습니다. ‘ㅅ’b

One of my most anticipated shows from October, Toradora! has finally started airing.

First Impressions

Eh, when I first saw the anime character renderings on the web, I was kinda shocked. But now that I watched the first episode, seems like I can get used to it. It was OK. Now if just the quality could stay the same like this… orz

Since this is the first ever animation for which I had read the original novel, it felt kind of new. As far as I remember, it looks like it’s following the original novels pretty accurately (so far). So we got through about half-a-way through the 1st volume.

Miscellaneous EP1 talk

– Would this be a 1-cour (~13EPs) series or 2-cours (~24EPs)? Though I personally wish it would last longer…
– OMG Kitamura… his eyes seem a bit large dont they? Looks too young…-_-;;
– Minori. Her voices are.. eh…what
– Kugiming, Taiga’s voices were like this cause of her runny nose right? 😛
– And of course, the trademark “Urusai! Urusai!” fanservice.
– I wanna listen to the OP song. The ED was fitting.
– Ryuuji’s room looks quite spacious.. unlike what I was imagining it ~_~

And so, I’ll be looking forward from now on. 🙂