Entering “Full Study Mode”…well, sort of

2008/01/10 20:50

It’s been almost a week since 2008 began, hmm and well I sort of got lazy and didn’t want to write (type) anything, anywhere. Yeah… that explains me not replying to stuff in Facebook… lol

Well anyways, everyone should know by now that I got out of the school, and I’m on my own now, so, guess what? I have to study alone!! Hurray!… or not. 😛

Since studying by yourself is tough because there is no teacher and no one to look over you, I had to set a strict daily schedule and plan how I’m gonna study for that highschool-passing test coming up in August. The schedule turned out to be pretty much like I’m going to school, waking up at 6:00, start studying at 8:00, lunch at 1:00 (heh, I never forgot to put a ‘nap time’ after lunch…:P) and study again till 6:00.

Um, and due to the “atmosphere” and “pressure” I’ve got here around me, no vacations or breaks of some sort. bah. (At least I got saturdays… and NAP TIMES!!!) XD

Though I’ve already started studying math, I’m gonna start for real beginning next Monday. It’s a pretty tight schedule I guess, and I wonder if I’ll be able to follow it well. Wish me luck…

And so what’s after 6:00? Free time, of course! yay!