Akinator, is really the Web Genius

2009/02/22 20:28

히라님 블로그에서 보고 에이.. 설마 하고 해봤는데….

이거 대박인데??!

처음엔 좀 어리둥절했는데, 인물을 맞추는 게임이더군요.
처음은 히나기쿠, 두번째는 퍼퓸의 카시유카, 세번째는 빌게이츠로 해봤는데…
다 맞추더군요. 후덜덜..

옆에서 컴터하는 여동생한테 알려줘서 를르슈, 이민호, 구혜선을 차례로 맟추더군요. 진짜 후덜덜….

정말 천재 아녀? 무서버라…더더더러덜덜..

아참, 주소는 http://en.akinator.com/ ㅎㅎ

After reading a post from 히라(Hira)’s Blog, I thought it was a joke… but


At first I kinda was confused what it was.. but it was a game guessing the character you’re thinking.
First I thought of Hinagiku, second Perfume’s Kashiyuka, and third Bill Gates…And he got em all. 0_0

Told my sister who was on computer beside me, and she tried Lelouch, Lee Min-ho, Gu Hye-Sun…. And got them right again. 0_0

He really may be the “Web Genius”. Scary… @_@

Oh yea, btw, the site address is http://en.akinator.com/ 😛