Went to a karaoke today.

2008/04/20 20:19
오늘 교회 예배하고 모임이 다 끝나고 다른 xenex애덜이랑 주변에 있는 노래방을 갔다왔다. 한국 온지 2번째… 그러니까 7년만에 2번째로 갔었던 거네… 뭐 암튼,

저 남자입니다. ㅍ

저번에 처음 갔을때와 비교해 JPOP섹션에 더 많은 “아는 노래”가 보인다는 사실에 한번더 자신의 자라가는 오덕Knowledge에 감탄… ㅋ

어떤 곡이 있는지만 봐도 그 애니의 인기도를 확인할 수 있는.. 음 예를들어 그X라간은 OP/ED1,2다 있고 하X히는 OP,ED를 합해 심지어 삽입곡 3개까지…ㄷㄷㄷ

하튼, 일단 보이는대로 골라서 불렀는데:

I SAY YES (동생이 부른다고 해서 하긴 했는데 으음…=_=)
하늘색 데이즈
하레하레유카이 (뜨악)
모두의 피스

시간이 없는 관계로 JOINT빼고는 다 중간에 취소버튼당함 ㅜㅜ

What I’ve done하고 All Star(슈렉OST)도 불러봤는데… 으아악 워다입던 코러스 이렇게 높을 줄이야… COLOR도 마찬가지고 역시 컴퓨터나 MP3로 항상 들으면서 흥얼거릴때하고는 음이 다른것 같은…

그리고 생각해보니 내가 아는 대부분 애니송은 다 여성이부른 곡이었다.
….그래서 잠시나마 “아아 내 목소리가 여자 목소리였으면”하는 쓸데없는 상상을 하기도 했다. (아익후이런)

그런데 하나 놀랐던 사실은

미쿠미쿠니시테아게루가 있다


그런데 결국 시간초과로 못부름 orz

After today’s sunday service and all the cellgroup stuff, I went to a karaoke with other Xenex(Teen group) dudes. Eh, so far 2nd time since I came back to Korea… which means 2nd time in 7 years. heh, well anyways,

I’m a GUY. XD

I was pretty surprised at the fact that there were indeed more songs “that I knew” from the JPOP section of the songlist book… Well sure I watched quite a few more anime in 2 months or so.. XD

Wow there really were a lot of anime songs, but the funny thin is I could figure out how popular some series was just by looking at the number of songs the list had. For example… um TTGL had the OP song and both ED1 and ED2, while H*ruhi had OP ED and even 3 insert songs. (guess what they are. :P)

so anyways, I just ordered the ones I knew:

Hishoku no Sora
Sora Iro Days
Hare Hare Yukai (OMG!!!)
Minna no Peace

…but because the time (1hour) was short, all songs except JOINT was skipped after the 1st verse. T_T

I also (half) sang “What I’ve done” and “All Star(ShrekOST! :P)” but wow I never thought What I’ve done’s chorus was that high. Same with COLOR… I don’t know the notes seemed all a bit higher than what I remember by hearing in my PC or zune. O_o

To think of it, pretty much all the Anime songs I knew (and like) are sung by female singers. And because of that, for a short moment, I even hoped my voice was female. XP

But one thing that seriously surprised me:

they’ve even got Miku Miku Ni Shite Ageru on the list.


but after all couldn’t sing it because the time was up. OTL