Fall 07 Life Update

2007/11/06 19:43

For those who are wondering how I am doing for the last 2 months or so, here I’ll try to uncover(?) everything. Heh, to think about it, I haven’t written anything about myself for a long time since this and that blog post, though I had this blog set up as a personal website.. 😛

The School Story

I have been going to a new school since August, here in Korea. It’s an especially tough one also, having to leave to school at 6:15 and come home almost at 11:50… painful. Well waking up is not so hard, I’m always troubled by the fact that if I miss the school bus, there’s no way I can get to school. (You know, though my parents are so nice, everything has limits XD) But the biggest challenge is, whether I can stay up during classes.

Sure, this indeed may be the typical life of an average teenage highschooler in Korea, but it’s still tough for me! What’s also hard about school is the actual study itself, as the Korean curriculum is quite different from what I’m used to at Tien Shan , and so I’ve missed a lot of stuff that they have already learnt (though in reverse I do know a lot of stuff which they haven’t even heard of… um like study skills?! LOL) And so, Math has become my greatest enemy, along with these once-a-week Science classes, (yep, my long-forgotten Biology and Chemistry are baack. plus Physics. o_o;;) and a totally new Japanese class.

….I guess all this stuff has been a real stress for me, though after 2 months I thought I’ve already adapted to the new school system all right. But…

The Disease Story

Last week monday (Oct 29) was a half day thanks to the 1500 newbie Junior High students taking the test to get into our highschool. (..think about the acceptance ratio.. 25 to 1?!) When I came home, I felt the same uneasiness with my chest that I had before, but this time the right side. At once, that one word came to my mind – “pneumothorax.” We went to the hospital that morning, and I got Xrayed, and the result- was just as I had feared. But thank God, it was still in its early form, only a bit of air in the top part of my righ lung. The doctor said, in RARE cases it can heal by itself. He told me to come again on Thursday, to see and decide whether I need to get a surgery again.

Well, praying is never bad, so my family and I prayed that evening, and for next few days, whenever we got together. I also didn’t go to school the next days (Tuesday was a no-school day anyways. :P) and started getting acupunctures from a herb clinic that my Mom knew. After 2 days, as arranged, I went to the hospital again, god Xrayed and all that, and waited for the results.

And… voila! Hallelujah! PTL! (and any other related interjections I can make XD) The results were sure encouraging, the doctor said the air sack(?) almost dissapeared and told me that I no longer needed to visit for diagnoses. But he also said to fully get rid of pneumothorax and prevent it from returning, he recommended getting some rest.

…That’s why I’m not going to school since Wednesday, and I am resting till next Sunday. And I’m really appreciating it. 🙂

I still have a lot of stuff I can tell, games, music, etc, but this post is getting pretty long, so I’ll keep other topics for later. Thanks for reading, my friends… oh and I really miss you guys too.